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Problems of waste and pollution became a major issue in our civilisation. We would like to contribute to a reasonable solution of these problems, have green business and healthy grandchildren on our beautiful and unique blue planet: the Earth.
Communal waste contains a lot of organics and about 20% plastic, which means 250-300 million tons each year worldwide. A great source of raw materials to recycle, but still more than 90% of communal waste will be deposed in the soil.

Recycling is a challenging task because it needs
1. Investment
2. Advanced technological knowledge
3. Smart operation
Only the sum of all three conditions can result in a succesful environmental project with short payback time.
New technologies using renewable biomass and organic waste are attractive alternatives to incineration - a capital intensive solution -, especially when using other techniques fuel can be produced through a low cost, zero emission process.
That's exactly what we offer.

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