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wptechlineWPTECHLINE is an equipment that recycles MSW and turns it into a novel material (plastic pellets or granules).


Since WPTECHLINE is designed on a modular basis, it can easily be adjusted to accommodate different amounts of MSW. The technology consists of two reactors:


In Reactor I, heat is generated by electric resistor cells. Homogenization of the added waste is performed by a stirrer, while adding a catalyst component to the mixture. During this phase, moisture and other unwanted chemical elements are removed from the material. Next, all the undesired substances in the form of gaseous matter pass through the gas purification units. Reactor 2 produces recyclates from this output carbon additive.

Reactor 2 is the main reactor in which a chemical reaction of hydrocarbon-based substances takes place, enabled by constant stirring. As a result, the recyclate production process becomes complete. Industrial hybrid burners can burn landfill gas to generate heat.


Using our technology, we are able to cost-effectively upcycle non-recyclable MSW components into a high-value product with almost no carbon footprint. There is currently no adequate waste management system for reprocessing municipal solid waste to rival WPTECHLINE's innovative approach on the market.


Our solution represents a new approach of treating mechanically non-recyclable solid municipal waste into a highly-innovative nanoporous lightweight material, through the recycling of MSW components by using stock recycling.


The input of the recycling process consists of mixed plastic waste with impurities, organic fraction, metal (aluminum) or textile waste, along with solid substances’ particles.


As a result of the process, a special cement is produced by mixing CONCRETE FILLER, a novel substance used in building bricks/breeze blocks/powder.


By using this feedstock material the following innovative features can be attained:

1) lighter weight, which lowers the transportation costs of construction materials;

2) superior functional parameters with excellent insulating properties allowing for lower energy costs;

3) minimal carbon footprint.



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